The Next Generation Shipping Container

You’ve optimized every aspect of your supply chain for efficiency. But what about your containers?

What if there was a way you could protect your cargo, prevent theft, avoid costly inspection delays and increase your operating margins? Now you can.

Innovative CakeBoxx doorless intermodal shipping containers address some of the most costly and time-consuming challenges across the supply chain.

“The CakeBoxx design delivers a powerful combination of enhanced security, cargo safety, loading efficiency and flexibility to shippers. It offers great potential to military and commercial users shipping high value, high consequence cargos to challenging operating environments.”

— retired Vice Admiral Alan S. Thompson

The NEW TrusDek Series of Shipping Containers for Project Cargo

Like other CakeBoxx containers, TrusDek is a two-part container with a one-piece lid that securely locks to the bottom deck, keeping cargo safe and secure during transport and storage. The TrusDek conveniently loads like a flat-rack or open-top container. It is specifically designed for the carriage of heavy, top- and side-loaded machinery and project cargo shipments that require more deck strength and thickness for the mounting of hardware, plumbing or electrical connections below the surface of the deck.

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CakeBoxx In the News

Lifting the CakeBoxx lid – it’s easy!

CakeBoxx makes it tough for bad guys to get in; but for owners, shippers, inspectors and customers, opening a CakeBoxx is easy using a range of standard equipment found at most ports, container yards, warehouses and loading docs.

See how easy it is to open a CakeBoxx!


Cakebooxx Featured in…

CakeBoxx is featured in the new book Global Supply Chain Security by James Giermanski, now available at and Barnes and Noble.


“Global Supply Chain Security is an exemplary and comprehensive examination of the Department of Homeland Security’s initiatives to protect our nation’s supply chain and a must-read for everyone. Giermanski’s thorough examination of the vulnerabilities and the steps taken to fix the glaring gaps clearly reinforces the importance of continuing to be ever vigilant to terrorist attacks on this important segment of our economy.”

–Denise Rucker Krepp, Senior Counsel
U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee