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Garry Whyte
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Garry Whyte is the inventor of the CakeBoxx doorless cargo container concept. He conceived of the CakeBoxx concept in 2005 while following a container down Interstate 5 in Oregon after a meeting at Nike about a pilfered container.

His innate curiosity, engineering skill and waterfront experience with his father working on the T6 terminal docks in the Port of Portland provided the practical problem-solving skills to conceive of the imminently practical and simple concept of the doorless container. Garry spent a number of years socializing and refining the concept throughout the global intermodal trade community, concluding the application of the CakeBoxx model had practical appeal and a place in commerce.  He now serves as technical advisor to CakeBoxx Technologies as the company brings the CakeBoxx product line to market.

Prior to CakeBoxx Garry had a successful history as an inventor of products and solutions for numerous industries. Beginning in 1976, he worked in agricultural design engineering, helping to develop numerous products, including: the first continuous process methane digester that generates both electricity and fertilizer; the first large-scale hydraulic vegetable transplanter; a commercial vegetable harvesting vehicle appropriate to a wide range of crops and even an antibiotic, ultraviolet strobe light for an elephant with a tusk ache.Garry’s projects outside of agriculture have involved design work on very-high-vacuum systems used in nuclear decontamination and complete design and engineering responsibility for a 24,000-pound, air transportable, wheeled vehicle that cleans petroleum spills from shorelines.  His work on non-commercial projects includes development of the 1-800-CHARITY national donation delivery service, which sprang from Mr. Whyte’s desire to send a charitable contribution to a couple featured on a national television news program.

Jose ‘Paolo’ Delgado
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Paolo Delgado is the COO of Delbros Waterfront Leasing and Managing Director of Delgado Brothers Incorporated in Manila, Philippines and Beijing, China.  He is well-versed in intermodal cargo equipment leasing operations, Southeast Asian logistics and China manufacturing and material sourcing.

A successful entrepreneur and international businessman, he is also the Director and Treasurer for a joint venture between Delbros and the United Parcel Service (Philippines), which includes the operation of the UPS hub at the former Clark Air Force Base. Paolo also serves as a board member for five other international companies operating in the Southeast Asia region. In 2002, while still a university student, he founded the BHI Group, a trading and manufacturing company based in the United States and China. Upon graduating from Babson College in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Finance, Paolo moved to China where he continued expanding the company.

Paolo is now based in Manila. He is active in social service, education and non-profit organizations. He speaks English, Filipino, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin.



Michael Guidry
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Michael Guidry is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Guidry Group, recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of security since 1985. Operating in more than 125 countries, Michael and the Guidry Group have worked with some of the largest and most prestigious companies, organizations and individuals in the world, while redefining the industry standard for personnel recovery and asset protection. Through his work as a physical and infrastructure security expert, Michael has pioneered numerous, innovative techniques, saving the lives of clients and preventing the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in assets worldwide.

Michael’s security work in the cellular telephone industry revolutionized cellular phone fraud investigation, literally writing the book on cellular phone fraud investigation for the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA). He is one of the founding members of the New York Electronic Crimes Task Force. Michael served as a security consultant for NBC sports during the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain and the 1989 Super Bowl in Miami, Florida and he was responsible for security at the 1994 World Cup Games in Dallas, Texas. A sought after lecturer on security issues, Michael has taught counter-terrorist measures to foreign government representatives in attendance at U.S. State Department symposiums.


Nancy Williams
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Nancy Williams has extensive experience in the areas of national intelligence, security and supply chain security. She is currently based in the Washington DC area after an extended period in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where she still active in a consultancy for international business interests. Nancy was previously the Founder and Director of the Washington, DC-based Security Division of Cotecna Inspection SA, a global company based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Her earlier experience in the intelligence/national security world guided the expansion of Cotecna into the world of supply chain security.  Her work on global projects, teamed with prominent US companies such as Black and Veatch, Unisys and Sandia National Laboratories, has helped her to develop and test the use of technology and human intelligence in supply chain security – notably during the well-documented Operation Safe Commerce conducted by the US Department of Homeland Security in the years following 9-11.In 2006-2007 she convened and chaired the global committee to draft the first international security standard for the International Standards Organization (ISO 28000).  Compliance with ISO 28000 (a management systems standard) has become a significant measure of security compliance in major ports/terminals worldwide.  As an advocate for the development of business-friendly yet national-security-responsive security processes and technologies for the supply chain, Nancy’s easy access to government and private sector power brokers remains a powerful tool.

Richard Gluck
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Richard Gluck is the owner of the Garvey Schubert Barer Law firm in Washington DC. With offices in New York, Seattle, Portland, Washington and Beijing, the GSB Law firm is a leader in several areas of practice, including global trade, transportation, intellectual property, and product liability.Richard has more than 30 years of experience practicing transportation law in Washington, D.C.  His specialties include global antitrust protection, liability protection from damage to third parties, compliance with U.S. and international cargo screening and security requirements, restrictions on trading with certain countries and consumer protection standards and best practices.

Richard appears regularly before US Federal government departments and agencies such as the Federal Maritime Commission, the Departments of Transportation, Defense and Homeland Security. He represents companies in the logistics, freight, shipping and related industries as well as port authorities, terminal operators, insurance companies and trade associations.

Among many other activities, Richard is outside general counsel to the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the largest U.S. trade association for third party logistics companies in the United States. TIA is the U.S. member of FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations. He serves as the chairman of FIATA’s Advisory Body on Legal Matters and as the U.S. delegate to its Working Group on Sea Transport. He was the representative of FIATA and TIA to the United Nations Conference on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) in its deliberations on the proposed new ocean cargo liability convention known as the “Rotterdam Rules.”

He is also the U.S. editor of, a legal web site for the forwarding industry, and has lectured and written frequently on legal issues affecting third party logistics providers, including freight forwarders, transportation brokers and non-vessel-operating common carriers (NVOCCs).