CakeBoxx Technologies Products

CakeBoxx intermodal shipping containers come in multiple models:

CakeBoxx – the full-size commodity box available in both 20’ and 40’ lengths, 8’ and 8.5’ heights and Hi-Cube. Now accepting orders.

ShortBoxx – half-height (4’3’’) box available in both 20’ and 40’ lengths with optional bladder and folding sidewalls. Now accepting orders.

FreshBoxx – for shipping of fresh meats and produce, keeps contents cool for 72 hours without refrigeration, available in 20’ and 40’ lengths. Now accepting orders.

CustomBoxx – All of our CakeBoxx container types can be customized. We will work with you to create a custom configuration that meets your unique shipping and storage needs. Now accepting orders.

On the Horizon…

TrusDek – extra-strong bottom deck, suitable for use as a large pallet available in 20’. Now accepting orders.
FreezerBoxx – for local or long-distance shipping of cool or frozen (refrigeration-free) in 40’ only. Now accepting orders.
BatteryBoxx and PowerBoxx – for transport and protection of smart energy systems. Now accepting orders.

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