CustomBoxxes can be designed and built to your specifications.

The unique, doorless design of the CakeBoxx makes it highly customizable. We will work with you to design and build a CustomBoxx that meets your unique shipping and storage needs.

Some of the easily customizable features include:

TrusDek. The extra-thick TrusDek deck is designed to carry heavy, top- and side-loaded machinery and project cargo shipments that require more deck strength and thickness for the mounting of hardware, plumbing or electrical connections below the surface of the deck. TrusDek comes in two variations:
Flat, open deck – provides maximum footprint

Recessed deck – offers an exceptional fit for rolling stock, heavy equipment and high-value antique and luxury cars.

Vertical Locking System. Keeps cargo in and intruders out. The new twist locks are super-strong, highly reliable and simple to use.

Tailored Perimeter Tie Down System (PTS™). Up to 30 flush-mounted, heavy-duty D-Rings provide a wide array of cargo lashing options. On TrusDek models, the thickness of the deck allows the floor to be customized with countersunk, threaded attachment points for a variety of anchor fittings or through-bolts allowing options to secure cargos in ways that ordinary, doored containers cannot.

Custom flooring materials. CustomBoxx is available with a variety of customer-specified flooring materials to precisely fit specific requirements.

Corner post guides. Minimize bumping, prevent cargo damage.

Fork lift tubes or rings. Can be added to the lid for special cargo handling requirements.

Thermal Visions ThresholdTM Vacuum Insulated Panels. Keep contents cool for up to 72 hours, available on CustomBoxx FreshBoxx models.

Yes, we do doors! If you need a custom door or other access point, we will make it to your specifications.

CustomBoxx in use by the US Department of Defense:

CustomBoxxes are already in use meeting customer needs in specialized applications for the US Department of Defense.

The customer liked the advantages  provided by the CakeBoxx design, however they required a customized, yet highly secure way to access the contents of the container when the container is closed.

CakeBoxx Technologies worked with the customer to create a unique CakeBoxx design that enabled them to place a small, secure access point at exactly the place on the container where access would be needed.  This CustomBoxx became the first CakeBoxx with a specialized “door” with the exact dimensions, security and placement on the container that the customer required.

CustomBoxxes can be designed and built to your specifications.  Contact us and see if a CustomBoxx can help you ship and store cargo in a whole new way.

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