Frozen products stay frozen for the duration of transoceanic or overland.

The FreezerBoxx variation of the CakeBoxx design has sufficient insulation to provide temperature stability for trans-oceanic journeys in excess of four weeks without any refrigeration.

FreezerBox containers are lined with food grade liners and ultra-high performance insulation. A 40-foot FreezerBoxx has a net cargo volume of approximately 1,000cu.ft. (more than a standard 20’-reefer) with no moving parts other than its latch and no power requirements.

Temperature stability: No refrigeration machinery or consumables are required to maintain cargo temperatures for several weeks. Frozen products stay frozen for the duration of transoceanic or overland journeys. Goods, such as electronics, that are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, can be thermally stabilized and kept completely dry in a FreezerBoxx.

Safer loading and unloading. The entire FreezerBoxx can be taken safely into a cold storage facility for unloading, so the product never experiences ambient temperatures.

Economical storage. If the frozen cargo needs to be stored for extended periods of time, the FreezerBoxx can be configured with chilling panels under and over the cargo to circulate frigid, liquid CO2. This allows for long-term, secure storage in the FreezerBoxx, which has much better insulation and lower energy inputs than any other commercial refrigeration units. In this configuration FreezerBoxxes can be sustained indefinitely, even in hot, humid environments by a single, electric powered refrigeration unit that circulates liquid CO2 throughout the units.

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