Keeps foods cool. Less bruising, longer shelf-life. Multiple uses.

The FreshBoxx variation of the CakeBoxx design is ideal for the transportation of meats, fruits, vegetables and other perishable products on single day-long trips from field processing to cold storage or from storage to customer. It protects cargos by maintaining its temperature within just a few degrees for up to 2-weeks, without any refrigeration equipment. This makes the FreshBoxx both efficient and environmentally-friendly.

FreshBoxx containers are lined with food-grade interior wall panels and ultra-high performance insulation that virtually eliminates cooling loss and heat gain. FreshBoxx is designed with the extra-thick TrusDek deck for carrying heavy, top- and side-loaded machinery and project cargo shipments. Even the paint on the FreshBoxx is special and resistant to heat transfers. There are no moving parts other than its latch and there are no power requirements.

Keeps foods cool. There is very little conductive or convective heat gain inside a FreshBoxx. For instance, bananas and other tropical fruits that are immersed in cool water during their washing in the field can be placed inside a FreshBoxx where their desired temperature will be maintained during the road-trip to the cold storage facility.

Less bruising, longer shelf-life. Upon reaching the cold storage facility, the entire FreshBoxx can be lifted off the trailer and placed inside a temperature-controlled warehouse where the lid can be removed and contents unloaded without being exposed to tropical heat, or can remain on the FreshBoxx deck until ready for its next move. For fragile fruits in a quality-conscious cool-chain, this means less bruising, better appearance and longer shelf life. Of course, the FreshBoxx can also be unloaded at external loading docks like any other container.

Multiple uses. For non-agricultural cargos such electronics, wood, paper products or beverages that need protection from temperature fluctuations or condensation damage, FreshBoxxes can flatten the heat/cool cycles of tropical weather and provide temperature protection – even when the container is loaded in the top tier onboard ship.

Available in 8’6” and 9’6” heights – 20′ and 40’ lengths.

FreshBoxxes are sturdy enough to carry general cargos on their return trips as users may require.


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