Ideal for shipping heavy and long cargos, as well as liquids and granular cargos.

The ShortBoxx is a half-height CakeBoxx. ShortBoxxes are ideal for shipping heavy cargos, long cargos (pipe, I-beams) that can not be end-loaded in standard doored containers, items that cannot be stacked two-high (such as petroleum barrels) and liquids and granular cargos that would otherwise require single-purpose tanker trucks and trailers.

Structurally, the ShortBoxx is the same as the regular CakeBoxx. At 4’3’’, the lid is just half the normal height of a 8’6’’ container. The ShortBoxx is designed with the extra-thick TrusDek deck for carrying heavy, top- and side-loaded machinery and project cargo shipments.

ShortBoxx for Heavy and Drum Cargo

Very heavy cargos, like steel I-Beams, can be carried in ShortBoxxes, saving a great deal of shipboard space. Ordinarily, when a container is loaded to its weight limit with heavy cargo like steel, there is a substantial amount of empty space between the top of the cargo and the container roof. The container is hauling air and the ship owner is losing revenue.

Use all the space. This may not seem significant, but container ships, on average, “cube-out”, or TEU-out, on 80% of their trips.The ships in the 10K TEU class will often have 1,000 to 2,000 containers that are more than half empty due to weight limits, per trip. CakeBoxx ShortBoxxes would double the revenues on those cargos by allowing two revenue-producing ShortBoxxes to be carried in the space one half-full full height container.

Ship twice as many barrels in the same space. ShortBoxxes also work well with cargos that cannot be stacked two high, such as petroleum barrels.  One ShortBoxx can carry forty 55-gallon drums and take up only half the space that a standard height container uses to haul the same number of barrels.These cargos can be safely stacked two high in the same footprint using half-height CakeBoxxes.

More secure. Because the barrels are vertically trapped and snug between the top and the deck, even a single barrel by itself will not topple or slide. This makes ShortBoxx suitable for carrying all sorts of fluids in drums, even HAZMAT fluids such as surgical wastes.

Other fluids can be transported in the ShortBoxx for Liquids (see below).

A Tanker Alternative: ShortBoxx for Liquids

The ShortBoxx is ideal for hauling liquids and granular chemicals without the added costs and risks associated with traditional tank containers.

With a 10,000-liter, puncture-resistant, self-healing bladder and added protection from folding side walls and the sealing lid, the ShortBoxx enables the safe loading and carriage of liquids with no sloshing. Once the liquid cargo is delivered, the empty ShortBoxx walls can be folded away and the container can be used for back-hauls of ordinary cargos.

Why ShortBoxx for liquids? Liquids present some specific challenges in container shipping. They make up such a small portion of the total volume of containerized shipments, that having specialized ISO tank containers is expensive. These special tank containers cost more to construct, track, insure, clean and most often the back-haul trip is empty. Shipping liquids is expensive.

No tanker required. The ShortBoxx container form factor eliminates the need for expensive, single purpose, tanker trucks and trailers. Also, because the ShortBoxx is not immediately identifiable as a fuel “tanker,” it doesn’t automatically attract the wrong kind of attention, making it more secure for transport of high-value liquids and military fuels.

Stacks at depots.ShortBoxxes carrying fuels can be stacked together at depots and can store fuel with virtually no supporting infrastructure. The stack takes up very little space, has a puncture resistant shell and makes a solid weather-proof structure.

ShortBoxxes create completely new revenue with the same operational costs and less weight,and they create new opportunities for managing bulk liquids in remote environments.

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