CakeBoxx in Action

CakeBoxx is the Next Generation of Shipping Containers.

Virtually every aspect of global trade has been modernized, streamlined and innovated to carve every penny possible out of transportation costs except the container …until NOW. CakeBoxx Technologies has developed a premium quality product line for high-end, high-throughput customers who want to ensure maximum safety, security and efficiency from stuffing point to end-user.

CakeBoxx PTS™ Perimeter Tie-down System Significantly Improves Cargo and Employee Safety – Properly and effectively secured cargo results in a quantifiable reduction in cargo damage in transit, reduced insurance premiums and increased customer satisfaction.

CakeBoxx’s PTS™:

  • Provides unimpeded 360-degree and overhead access to cargo during loading and unloading operations.
  • PTS tie-down points enable cargo to be easily secured using standard strapping, chains, lashing, padding and tarpaulins as necessary to ensure safe transit.
  • Customer-defined lashing points with up to 30 flush-mounted, heavy-duty D-Rings provide a wide array of configurations and cargo lashing options.
  • Easily accommodates securing multiple cargo types in the same shipment.
  • All tie-down points exceed ISO pull strength requirements.
  • Eliminates typical unsafe working conditions for employees inside of a dark and cramped container.
  • Tailored PTS™ and attachment points on TrusDek models. The thickness of the TrusDek deck allows the floor to be customized with countersunk OR threaded attachment points for a variety of anchor fittings or through-bolts allowing options to secure cargos in ways that ordinary, doored containers cannot.

Superior Security and Theft Prevention – Prevent cargo theft: The unique CakeBoxx design prevents access by unauthorized persons because once a CakeBoxx container is sealed, nothing gets in or out – whether the container is onboard ship, in a stack at a terminal or on a railcar or truck. Even an unlocked CakeBoxx cannot be accessed without either a lifting device or by cutting through the container walls. Such activities are easily noticed, keeping contents safe from theft or introduction of clandestine cargo.

Cargo Safety and Damage Resistance – Secure your cargo: CakeBoxx provides stronger structural integrity than containers with doors and eliminates the probability of door failure and container collapse.  For cargos that normally require a flat rack or open-top container, CakeBoxx offers a far greater level of safety and physical protection. We keep the elements out and protect your cargo from the risk of vandalism because our design keeps all cargo safely within the interior of a robust, enclosed container.

Operating Cost Reductions and Efficiency – Increase your margins: CakeBoxx streamlines operations, reduces fuel and maintenance costs and enables greater efficiency throughout the shipping process. This means lower TCO, faster ROI and the ability to tout greener shipping practices.

  • Faster, easier, more efficient loading and unloading – Streamline operations: CakeBoxx lets you access your cargo from all four sides and overhead, like a flatbed.
  • More cargo space – Ship more in the same sized container: with a 40’ CakeBoxx you can load up to 10% more of certain cargos by using wasted space reserved for fork truck or pallet jack movement.
  • Improved terminal and Customs clearance velocity – Avoid costly delays: four-sided and overhead access allows faster, less expensive, and easier inspections, speeding transit through terminals and inspection requirements while reducing incidental damage. Use of CakeBoxx containers inherently thwarts the threat of using the container as a conveyance of illicit or dangerous materials. Customs authorities will give users of CakeBoxx containers a reduced threat profile and further reduce the overall probability of security inspections.
  • Reduced fuel and electricity use – Save money and the environment: CakeBoxx containers give carriers more cargo per ton-mile of fuel. CakeBoxx FreshBoxx is designed to keep cargos cold without mechanical refrigeration equipment, so diesel fuel and electricity costs to run traditional refrigerated containers can be taken out of the budget. These benefits add up to better fuel efficiency and reduced green-house gas emissions while enabling you to promote more green shipping practices.
  • Lower TOC and faster ROI – Reduce your total cost of ownership: Because there are fewer moving and wear parts, maintenance and repair costs are greatly reduced. This, combined with the greater safety and efficiency of CakeBoxx containers, means lower operating costs, reduced insurance costs or eliminating the need to self-insure and faster return on your investment.

Why we removed the doors…

Doors are overrated. Think about it.  The door is the weakest spot in an intermodal cargo container, both structurally and in terms of security. In fact, container doors may be the weakest link in the entire supply chain.

  • Doors provide the point of access not only for a cargo’s proper owner, but also any pirate, terrorist or would-be thief who wants to gain access to it.
  • Structural weaknesses in the door framing can result in the collapse of containers during shipment.
  • Doors restrict the size of cargo. Narrow doors make it more difficult and time-consuming to load and unload cargos. Many cargos cannot use containers with doors and must resort to flat racks or open top containers, further exposing their cargos to risk.
  • Containers with doors require wasted headroom above cargo to enable lifting.
  • Having the doors at one end of a cargo container means the contents are more challenging for customs, agricultural, safety or security personnel to search.
  • Traditional containers are not environmentally-friendly.  Many containers are shipped only partially full because they ‘weigh out’ before they use all the available cargo volume.  Our common-sense ShortBoxx allows shippers and carriers to use a smaller form-factor to carry more containers.  More containers per trip means more cargo per ton-mile, less CO2.  Our FreshBoxx allows the shipment of temperature-sensitive cargo without the use of diesel fuel or electricity to keep it at the right temperature.

What if you don’t use doors now? You’re right! Not all cargo is shipped in containers with doors. The standard ISO container form factor has been adapted to many cargos that can be shipped on flatbed and open top containers – no doors, right?  But wouldn’t you like to have the safety, protection and security of an enclosed container? The patented CakeBoxx design gives you both – load and unload it like a flatbed but have the security of a closed container to prevent damage, theft and deter security concerns.

Find out more. We know CakeBoxx doesn’t fit everyone’s model for loading and unloading.  But if it does, you’re in luck.  CakeBoxx is a premium product with multiple value propositions for many users.  Contact us now to find out how our innovative design can support your mission and your bottom line!