CakeBoxx Video Library

CakeBoxx is the Next Generation of Shipping Containers

See the CakeBoxx Intermodal Cargo Shipping Container in Action: raising/lowering, loading, latching, stacking, moving.
A CakeBoxx container is simple in concept: it has two integrated components, the deck and the lid, which attach using a super-strong latching mechanism. The unique advantages of CakeBoxx come from what’s missing: there are no doors! CakeBoxx doorless shipping containers help meet cargo and port security goals by preventing unauthorized breaches and streamlining Customs inspections. This results in fewer security-related cargo holds and faster trips across terminal properties.



Watch Side-by-Side Loading & Unloading of a Standard Shipping Container Box vs. a Cakeboxx
Faster loading and unloading time means increasing your margins, streamlining operations, reducing fuel and maintenance costs and enabling greater efficiency throughout the shipping process. This means lower TCO, faster ROI and the ability to tout greener shipping practices.



CakeBoxx Sliding Lock Mechanism
The CakeBoxx lid attaches to the deck with a super-strong latching and locking mechanism that provides an all-around seal, keeping cargo safe, dry and secure.



The ShortBoxx is a half-height CakeBoxx. ShortBoxxes are ideal for shipping heavy cargos, long cargos (pipe, I-beams) that can not be end-loaded in standard doored containers, items that cannot be stacked two-high (such as petroleum barrels) and liquids and granular cargos that would otherwise require single-purpose tanker trucks and trailers.

Structurally, the ShortBoxx is the same as the regular CakeBoxx: the bottom deck is identical. At 4’3’’, the lid is just half the normal height of a 8’6’’ container. The ShortBoxx is also available with folding interior walls and a self-healing, puncture-resistant 10,000 gallon bladder that enables liquid cargos to be shipped in box containers.